3 ways to protect your vps server

VPS (Virtual private server) or dedicated server is the great way to host multiple website in a better way. If your website hosted on vps server then a great applause for you. I hope you are getting enormous traffic and easily maintaining your multiple website.

In this post let’s us see the 3 ways to help you to protect your VPS server.

First thing First – Free from malware

They are many hosting providers which offer inbuilt security system. Apart from these security some hackers break the security and there may be a chance for getting malwares. To avoid these and always free from malwares use the best scurri software. I used it for many websites, I would like to recommend here for all users. You can scan your website for freely.

It will remove the malwares on your website and keep your site clean.

Backup your Files

The second thing which I would like to share is always backup your files of your website. If you have the best backup software then you no need to worry about hackers. Backup is the best way and I strongly recommend the same for your whole website. If you are using WordPress as platform for your site, then backupbuddy is the best backup software. It will really helpful, the new version which is really backup your both database and folders.

Last but not least

If you are having many website which drives a lot of traffic then you really keep this point in your mind. It will really helps to maintain your website easily.

Sometime, the server will went to downtime we have to make a call to them company and explaining the situation regarding your server attack. But instead I would recommend always have at least one freelancer.

Build a strong relationship with freelancer and hire a trusted freelancer because at any time it would be helpful. Even your hosting company will left your hand and sometimes they doesn’t understand what you are trying to say.

So hire a freelancer guy and keep with communication it will really helps to solve your critical situation in minimal time.

I hope these three tips really helpful for you. If this post helped then do share this post with your friends.

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