4 reasons to Avoid wordpress.com

WordPress.com is free blogging platform and many of them are using it. Before three years when I entered in online, I also use my first website bestsilverlight.WordPress.com After I did my blogging in my free WordPress.com I felt worry because many things not able to do that in free version. In this post, I will share why you not to choose free WordPress.com website for your blogging and I also give some solutions to avoid these wordpress.com disadvantages.

WordPress.com is used by many blogging users because it’s free and after you get huge traffic you can switch over to self hosted WordPress.org blog.

While I start my blogging in free platform I never heard about that there is one another WordPress.org platform. While newbie’s it’s always confuse about WordPress. There is a huge difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is a FREE and  WordPress.org is a premium

Here is the list of disadvantages of WordPress.com

1. Permalinks are very ugly


If you see the above link it has date followed by post title, while looking it’s not search engine friendly and WordPress.com doesn’t allow customizing your permalinks.

The link should be meaningful and helpful to user, because the permalink only show into your Google search with your title of post.

2. Affiliate links not allowed

WordPress.com doesn’t allow affiliate links because it has own policy. Yes, I try to promote some of the product in my free WordPress.com site, I really shocked and I can’t place any clickbank links. Even when I try to place the clickbank affiliate link It automatically redirected to this page.

So, it clearly stated that affiliate links are not permitted in WordPress.com website. I can’t able to add the affiliate link, so I can’t make money the best choice go for self hosted WordPress.org

3. It’s a sub domain

Yes, see here http://silverlight.WordPress.com it’s sub-domain rather than top-level domain. For ranking in search engine top-level domain is the best rather than having sub-domain.

So, the best solution to register a new domain in godaddy.com at the cost of $10/year or you can get it for FREE also for this see below.

4. I can’t see the plugin panel in WordPress.com

Yes, another one of the big disadvantage of WordPress.com it doesn’t allow plugins for your WordPress.com website. I am very much disappointed while seeing this, because I already wrote many post in WordPress.com.

Plugins are very important for website because even though it’s small script and it helps the lot for your websites. Unfortunately WordPress.com doesn’t allow the option to use the plugins in website.

There is a solution for this keep reading below…

The best solution to avoid this WordPress.com and start a new site in WordPress.org

For these you need two things.

1. Domain name.

You need to register a domain name in name.com or godaddy. I register my domain in name.com at very lowest price $9.88/year. If you want to get this FREE, read the below solution section.

2. Web Hosting

Yes,  the 2nd one which really need is web hosting. Web hosting is web space where you are going to pay the money and buy some spaces in their web hosting account. I am hosting this domain hostgator.com with very lowest price.

So, you can install the WordPress.org or WordPress by using software.

P.S Due to these disadvantages of free WordPress.com I started a new domain and web hosting. If you buy these domains and hosting in different place like me, you need to connect both of them by changing the nameserver.


If you are new and hearing the domain and hosting words first time then I recommend to choose bluehost because you will get FREE domain for one year along with the hosting package. It’s very cheap and you can host unlimited website means you can add unlimited domains there is no restriction.


Within a few days itself I realized these free WordPress web hosting (WordPress.com )disadvantages, and choose this new domain and hosting. If you need any help for your WordPress and hosting then comment below or contact me directly. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and if you enjoy this post please share this post to your favorite’s social bookmarking sites.

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