15 Joomla Web Hosting Template to Build Hosting Websites

pgl template joomla

Joomla is free and open source content management system. Millions of websites still it run on joomla and it shows still it stand out from crowd. I will also came to know about Joomla hosting template.

I like WordPress very much and even this website also runs on WordPress too. But this post will helpful to choose the Joomla template for your web hosting sites. If you would like to choose Joomla template, then select the below Joomla hosting template that fits your needs.

Before let’s go into I would like to tell few things.

Joomla is used by many website owners and still they are rocking. I asked with my friend “How is the Joomla Content Management system?” Then, he replied Joomla is easy to learn and which are very easy to use. So that,I came to write a post regarding Joomla hosting template for Joomla fans.

Ok.. Let’s see one by one

ZThosting template

ZThosting joomla web hosting template created by zoo template. It has more features build in color tools, mega menu supported, it has tables design and many more. If you would like to build your hosting websites then this hosting template will best fit. I am really like the color of the design. See the live demo link yourself.

Joomla web hosting template

–>                                                       Live Demo                           Download Here

Youhosting Joomla Template

It’s another web hosting Joomla template created by youjoomla team. These template will perfect for your web hosting service.

web hosting joomla template


–>                                                        Live Demo                           Download Here

host Joomla template

Quick host is one of clean and modern design to build your hosting website easily. These below template which will available for download at themeforest. Before you download, click the below demo link and see the live design.


–>           Live Demo                           Download Here

I hope the above professional Joomla hosting template helps to build your site. I will update this post, whenever I see the new templates.

If you would like to build your site on WordPress then Read my previous post best WordPress themes. Also check my previous post about WHMCS templates to design your hosting sites.

Updated, i found a new Joomla template ZEN HOST for web hosting provided by Joomla bamboo also check here for more details

Zenhost - joomla template

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PGL Joomla template

It is one of the responsive hosting template and its released this month only. It comes with 10 different style. See below for more direct link.

pgl template joomla

                Live Demo                           Download Here


It is one of the lightweight clean design which helpful to design the webpages in unique manner. It’s really simple to use for our design style. For more information check the below link.



Live Demo                           Download Here




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