5 SEO issues to check with your Web hosting

SEO is still needed for any website because we need to optimize the content for
search engine.So, for optimizing the site web servers play an important role for ranking.

1. Content is First!

For better ranking in TOP search engine, content is first needed. Along with these some of the
below key factors also we need to take into account.

2. check your header using Tools.

When you host your website on any web hosting first the search engine sees the header response from your hosted website. Whenever search engine crawls your website the server response should be
200 otherwise if not see the response 200. It will produce 404 issue, that means not found errors.

Google Webmasters will provide the crawl issue in easy way. You can find these by logging into Google
webmaster under crawl link you can find your all error issue encounter by Google.

They is another way to check your web hosting manually by using these tool www.urivalet.com and make sure
to check the server header for your website. http://urivalet.com/ 404, server response code.

3. did you design your demo site in hosting?

Many of them using their web hosting for different purposes like designing demo site or demo design in their control panel.
while designing make sure that, you are giving no index by using robots.txt. These will cause you duplicate issue.

You can also rectify by redirecting your old domain(demo site) into new domain after finishing the design.

Are you hosting in small business web hosting, then take care of yourself by double checking whether you demo site is crawled by
Google or not. For eg: if you are hosting with any small hosting provider,

4. Slow web site Speed?

Make sure to check your host with site speed. Site speed is important factor in recent algorithm update.We can achieve Web page
speed by using CDN Network or Google page speed test. These both will help to drive the website to make FAST.

5. C class ip?

When you dealing with private IP, there is still some debate about C-Class IPs. I would suggest don’t spend your money like these.
Some of the SEO companies suggest the client for private IPs. But these ips don’t get involve any more ranking. instead you can concentrate on some other factors like webpage speed, optimization your images etc..

Also read here is c class ip helps for seo?


1. Changing web hosting server, it affects ranking?

I hope it will not affect your site. Before while doing changing your web hosting you need to concentrate on many factors.
a)Download all your Files and folders including .htacess files or webconfig
b)without any downtime, transfer the whole website between to new hosting by upload your files and folder to new hosting.
c)Finally change DNS in your name service provider.

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