Affiliate marketing programs for small businesses web hosting

While starting a web hosting business, affiliates are really helpful to grow your business.  Both you and your affiliates can earn some standard income. If you are planning to start a web hosting companies then choose the right affiliate software in starting itself. In this post we will see some of the best affiliate software for web hosting companies.

Many business starts from scratch and learn some good experience from previous hosting companies. So for this I do a research myself and provide the best affiliate software for easy decision. I hope this will helps to grow your business in a better way.


It is one of the affiliate marketing software and helping many small business to setup own affiliate system for your site. Here is direct demo link to check for affiliate system in hosting niche. They are many success stories around these marketing system.

Live Demo                           Download Here

Also Do you know how to write sales email? Check here for more information.

Post affiliate pro software

Post affiliate pro software helps to create your own affiliate program and easily manage your affiliates. The installation for post affiliate pro is very simple. It has more features to track your affiliates, deep link to the merchant website, easily pay to your affiliates and options to create sub affiliates also. Post affiliate pro software gives 30 days money back guarantee so try yourself.

Post affiliate Pro

                                                Live Demo                           Download Here

Who are using this affiliate software in web hosting?

Zootemplate and are using this post affiliate pro to manage their affiliates.

Update: Now wpengine change their affiliate program in


It’s one of the great place for both merchant and affiliates.
Learn how we can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site. It has more inbuilt tools and used by many top-notch companies as well small-scale industries also. You can check below here.

affiliate marketing

–>                                                    Live Demo                           Download Here

 Idev affiliate software

It’s one of the best affiliate software to handle the affiliates in easy way. Idev affiliate software is used by many geeks in web hosting industry. Idev affiliate installation setup is easy and banners and text file can be uploaded without any interruption. Idev affiliate software offers 1 year of free upgrade while purchasing the software first time.

Best affiliate software

                                                 Live Demo                           Download Here


Who are using this affiliate software in web hosting?

WpWebhost and are using these affiliate software to manage their affiliates.


WhmCs is complete solution for your client management, billing and support solution. It’s easy to use and many top web hosting still uses these as client management system for their web hosting. The pricing structure starts from $15.95/month and it offers 30 days money back guarantee. Now Whmcs release their latest version 5.0


Live Demo                                Download Here


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