Why We Need Cdn Networks?

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Content Delivery Network is the CDN. It’s one of the great networks to increase your website with easy manner. In this post I will tell you how you can use these cdn network in your site.

Before let’s see about CDN, I will tell you one thing.

Nowadays many changes are happening in Google day to day.Page speed is one of the important factor for ranking.So we achieve these page speed in number of ways.

Here I will tell you the most two important way to achieve these.You can choose as per your wish.

Why we need cdn?

Cdn is necessary for every website, due to this it will increase your page speed and visitors get more benefit. Nobody wants the slow loading page and visitors like to exit in these case. To avoid these we are going to use Cdn.

Hope you got why it need, let’s see what it would be and how.

What is Cdn?

CDN is the expansion of Content Delivery Network.The server takes a copy of the website static file and deliver to user browser whenever it is requested.

How Cdn works?

They are many servers available in all over the world at important metro cities.Each server will take the static file of the users website like java script, images, etc.. and delivery to the browser in easy way. In better say it will act as middle man between your server and user’s browser.

How CDN helps for SEO?

As I said earlier, the CDN is really important for SEO.Due to this page speed will increase.Both users as well as search engine really like these.

Increase page speed

We can achieve these page speeds by the following ways:

Google page speed service

One of the FREE and easy to setup for page speed service.It is offered by Google and all easy to setup.I give a try in these service, while it works well for me and my page speed increased almost 75% and I am very happy with their services.

While some of the images not loading in my site and I contacted their support and respond quickly and solved my issue.Highly recommend to give a try for your website.

Signup here for https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/service


Another one of the page speed service which I really like these maxcdn.It is one of the great service I looked ever and really happy with their service.I give a try to these cdn service and its awesome loading pages speed.

Maxcdn comes with premium services and they offer good support for each website.I am happy with their service and check here for more information.it’s one of my top favorite networks.


Page speed is very most important factor for each website as I said earlier. So go ahead work on your site to improve the user’s performance. Share your comment below, what are the steps do you taken to improve the page speed?

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