Best Chat Software For Web Hosting

Chat software is needed for customer support service. Whenever we are dealing with B2C (Business to Customers) it is mandatory and playing an important role in these customer service. They are numerous software available in internet and it will vary depend upon your CMS. Below are some of the best chat software for your concern.

Before we go into details, wait and see the below question.

They are many services like:

Knowledge-base – prepare a FAQ and make a document.

Email support —- Provide the eMail support will helps for some of the customers which don’t want to direct chat.

Phone support — It is another one of the support directly speaks through your own language.

Video tutorial support – Make some of the beautiful video tutorial and really easy to understand from how easy handle the issue in smooth way. If you are running web hosting business then create hosting demo tutorials using these and stick your customers forever.

Why we need?

Customers are very important for each business and giving service in many ways will help to attract more customers.The main reason for chat software is your are directly handling the issues in short time and customers are really happy.

How to select the software that best fit your niche?

Design: Yes, design also really important. Choose the chat software should be really looking awesome to achieve but not like too attractive.

Tracking: make sure that when will customer land on your page and what are the pages they read and what they interact with chat software. You can use the Google Analytics for these purpose and make use of it.

Speed: Speed is really need fast loading chat programming really users like it and Google too.

Keep these in mind and choose the software that best for your business, below are the three software which I really happy with their service and also offering FREE TRIAL period, so make use of it for you hosting business.

3 Chat software for your hosting


Olark provides live chat support, installation is simple and instantly deal with customers to solve the issue. Due to this the sales and revenue will increase dramatically.

Check here for More details …


Zopim is another one of the live chat software and easy to implement in the hosting panel. I like it very much how the way they designed it. Click here for more information here.


Clickdesk is one of the live chat support and used by many business owners on their website. It’s for live chat, help desk, and live support.It helps to the conversations in better way. see here for more information.

I would like to invite you to try out the new Live Chat and Live Call service. You can receive live calls and live chats automatically using your favorite IM.

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