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While starting a Web hosting websites the first important part is choosing the best themes and templates. But for unique design and features we have to go for little customization needed and it can be done easily. Here in this post, I collected the web hosting pricing tables for choosing the best one.


Elitepack Classic CSS3 Pricing Tables and Boxes

Elitepack pricing tables is best suited for Web hosting products and services. It’s the pure CSS3 pack and easy to use for your website. These CSS3 pricing tables have sold 195 sales and it has 25 user ratings

Pricing tables

                                                                                                                Live Demo                           Download Here

CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Pack ( Also for WordPress Pricing tables)

These pricing tables which contain 2 style layout and 20 different color version. It’s an amazing pricing table and easy to use. Out of many pricing tables these CSS3 pricing table generated 1520 Sales check out the demo below. This is one of the best WordPress pricing table plugin available see here


                                                                                                         Live Demo                           Download Here

Responsive CSS3 Pricing Tables

By using these pricing tables you can build the tables in matter of within minutes. It’s design for easy use and it suitable for all products and services.  With these same style pricing table for WordPress plugin also available here from the same author.

Css3 prcing tables

                                                                                                          Live Demo                           Download Here

Clean Pricing Table Coded 

Awesome clean pricing table suitable for web hosting services. This pricing table template comes with both HTML as well as CSS.

Clean pricing tables

                                                                                                             Live Demo                           Download Here

Amp Pricing Grid

It’s one of the html pricing table and suitable for all products and web hosting services. Check the demo below.

Pricing Grid

                                                                                                              Live Demo                           Download Here

WordPress Pricing Table Plugin Pro

Pricing table for WordPress plugin by wpeden. It has awesome features and easy to customize the css easily. It comes with 16 different styles and unlimited column. So there is no restriction and you can use many columns as much as you want.

Wordpress web hosting pricing tables

                                                                                                                Live Demo                           Download Here

New pricing table go responsive pricing is released previous year 2013 janaury 1, This pricing table specially designed for WordPress and it’s responsive, more color options also. check the demo below

Responsive pricing table

                                                                                                                Live Demo                           Download Here

Premium Web hosting pricing tables

                                                                                                           More details

I hope these best pricing tables for WordPress and templates really help to build your web hosting pricing tables and also recommend see this hosting themes here. If these posts really help and save your time, then share this to your friends via your favorite social network. Also check this pricing plugin.


Updated- september 2 ,2015

Responsive CSS3 pricing table for WordPress

Live Demo                           Download Here

Grid LIke Table plugin

Live Demo                           Download Here

Cmsbased Web Hosting Templates
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