What is Cpanel in web hosting and who are using this?

In web hosting, cpanel is the heart of many websites because it has more control your website. The full name of cpanel is control panel. I know this cpanel well before I buy this hosting, I did some work on my client websites also. In previous post you know about the WHM and features.

Let’s know about the icons in cpanel

After you buy new webshoting, you will receive an email about your cpanel login detiails. By using your login credentials, go to your cpanel and logon to your hosting provider. You will see a lot of icons in your cpanel. These icons are going to help your to manage your web hosting website in easy manner. Let’s see here what each will do here.

CPanel Screenshot

eMails in cPanel.

For emails you can use the free gmail account or you can use the Google apps email account. I suggest you to use Google apps for your email management. Because it has more features, you can create more than 10 admin emails account.

In CPanel, you can use the mail account to manage your emails in easy manner. Every cpanel you can have the access to read your emails via, thunderbird, squirrel mail, etc.. These email also very helpful to manage your email accounts. All emails are stored in your hosting account. Make sure that whether, you r hosting provider have the facility to create unlimited emails or not. Host gator offers to their subscribers to create unlimited emails to the hosting account.

Database in Cpanel.

Database plays a vital role for every website. Each website has their own database. In cpanel, you can easily handled the database MySql. There is an icon you will see the phpmyadmin or mysql. This will help to manage your database.

Your WordPress, Post, pages, Html,tags,categories, these things will stored in your database only.

Logs in Cpanel

These logs icons will help to manage you logs files. When your site down, or hacked by hackers, then these logs files will help to resolve your issues. These will store all the error information in these files.

Security in Cpanel

Security is importance to protect your website from hackers. You can protect the directories by giving special password. They are many ways to protect your website.

One more thing, many designer or someone will copy your image link and used in their website. To avoid this, you have to protect your images links in your cpanel account. This is which called Hot link protection. With the help of this icons you can protect your images, script files etc…

Preference section in Cpanel

The title which says all, yes, it’s the first preference from all of these icon in Cpanel. Under this section you will learn more about the Cpanel, Getting started Guide, in video format. This will help to kick-start to learn about more in details about Cpanel. If you are new to web hosting control panel then this is the right place for your to learn more about Cpanel.

Files in Cpanel

Under this section you can see many icons. These will help to manage your hosting files. There is an icon you will see the File manager this will helps to manage all your hosting related files in folder format. Without any fear you can handle all the files.

Do you need to modify .htaccess or wp-config.php then you should come here to modify these files here. Also you can change the File permission here.

 Advanced in Cpanel,

In these section is for advanced users only not for basic users. If you are new to hosting than don’t touch here.

This section is helpful if you want to run a specific script at specific time, then the cron job will do this for you. It is the right place to do this to run a script. You will also see an icon about apache handler, these will helps to manage to how your apache webs server software manages for your certain file type extension.

Domains in Cpanel

This section is very helpful to host new domain in your existing hosting domain. To do this, you simply click the addon domain icon and follow the steps then your new hosting domain will be hosted.

You can also park a domain in these section,  here you can change the DNS for your domain with the DNS ZONE EDITOR.

Who are using this Cpanel

From small internet user to big geeks using Cpanel as web hosting provider. I am also big fan of Cpanel and using hostgator as my hosting account. Do you like Cpanel or WHM or any other do you use, share your comments in below comment section.


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