Cron job in cpanel web hosting

I heard the word cronjob first time in odesk while searching for project. Later I came to know that cron job is a part in cpanel web hosting. In this post I will tell you what is cron job, how to set up in cpanel?

What is cronjob?

Cron job is scheduler task which runs on your web hosting. By using you may either to choose the cron to run particular task in particular or periodic way. It’s one of the script which do this job automatically on your server.

How to set up cron job in cpanel?

Setting up cron job is simple, once you watch the below video tutorials.

Web hosting that allows cron jobs

Now many web hosting which have cpanel allows to set up cron jobs.  Here is the below Web hosting that allows cron jobs and start your website hosting in cheap price.




 Do your web hosting not allow cronjob ?

Some of the Web hosting like Ipages, fatcow and many reseller web hosting doesn’t allow cron job for your website. Because these web hosting which run their own control panel.

If you are hosting your account on Ipages or fatcow or anyother reseller account, then there is two solutions for this to run a cron job.

a) Move to your better web host

If your existing hosting account doesn’t allow to run a cron then move to a better web host company. They are plenty of web hosting in internet and my choice is to host on hostgator and I really like it very much with their live support and see more here about hostgator. It allows you to run a cron job for your website and I did many times to run cron job.

Don’t you feel not to move your site from your existing hosting account then there is another solution for this.

b) Use

The second way is very easiest way to run a cron job. Webbasedcron allow you to run a cron job on specific time or periodic or whenever you need. There is no limit on number of execution once you pay a 25$/year. Due to this cron job you will get all the benefits all over the year. They also offer 15 days trial period for webbasedcron. So try yourself and run the cron successfully.

 c) Outsource your work

I hope it’s like hearing the new word and feeling big headache for you, so outsource is the better way. Don’t worry always there is a good solution and easily outsource your work on odesk.  Here you can find virtual assistant for your work and there is lot more of people doing these freelance work at affordable rate.

Do let me know in comment section, how you manage to set up cron job in cpanel or whmcs?

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