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With web hosting, lead generation play an important role.It’s a great and a good method to bring more customers. In this post I will give few methods how to achieve these sales lead in easy way but everything in your hands. All these details will work depends upon your niche and testing.

Before you focus on these sales lead, you have some good amount of traffic and they are two steps.

1. Getting visitors into subscribers

2. Subscribers into sales lead


Yes, once you have the traffic then the next step to focus on conversation. Because these will only help visitors to drive more sales lead. I will explain in detail one by one. Let’s look at these one by one in a detailed manner.

1. Your home page

Believe me or not! I will damn sure 100% more traffic to the home page when compare to inner pages. These happen not only for me but also for everyone who using their own website. Just take a look at your Google analytics and see their home page will surely get more traffic. So here is a great chance to get more sales leads in a better way.

Design your opt-in:

Design the email opt-in in good look, but no need to be too perfect. Do a test on your website and make the little changes. Repeat these until you the opt-in yield more number of leads.For better tact is giving something to visitors, and it will return to you.

Place your email opt-in:

Once you decide your email opt-in place those opt-in in sidebar, header, footer, and even used as popup. Track those email opt-in and alter the design of your needs. It will vary depend upon your site design and email opt-in design. At least both should be related to each other or it should give some look and feel.


The conversion is really important apart from all those things as stated above. I will give some of the tips how you can do the conversion to bring more leads.

a) Change the button color

Even it is a simple button but these will make more customers into subscribers.

b) Change the design

one of the client site I tested in home page, a beautiful girl with smiley face looking the opt-in gives 25% subscribers to his email list. Hope this will works in your niche too.

c) Change the text in button

Change the text in button like “subscribe me for FREE” or “Get more for FREE”. I gave some of this text for reference, so vary with your text and make the testing for your site.

2. Email Popup

Use popup in your website to produce leads. Popups are annoying thing in internet but it will really works in lead generation.

3. Sales page

Create a beautiful sales page using optimizepress and it will drive good subscribers list to your website. Promote these sales page to your social bookmarking sites like Facebook,twitter etc..

The above three steps are for to convert your visitors into subscribers. Now I will tell you how to be for sales lead for your web hosting.

Subscribers into sales lead

Once you get the subscribers list the next step to send auto-responder emails once in a week and visitors will buy will your product once email has been read.

a) Create a FAQ

To generate sales lead the FAQ page is really an important. Provide the FAQ page as much as you can. So the visitors will buy your product without any questions.

Creating a FAQ page is easy, create a word document then list out some of the question what your customers asked before in your contact form. Update those question in the FAQ page.

b) Create a demo tutorials

If you are reseller then use this rebranded hosting demo tutorial in your website and it will bring more end customers to your website.

These are the useful information which it will take help yield your lead generation to the next level.use this technique in your niche too and share your comments below. What are the other techniques you are using to achieve these? Let me know.

This post last updated on: May 01,2016


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