Hostgator Discount Coupon Code 2013

I am hosting this domain on hostgator and using the maximum discount coupon code while I sign-up before 6 months. This coupon saves me good amount of money. So, I came up an idea to share this hostgator discount coupon code 2013 for my readers. So I recommend to use the below hostgator coupon code while you sign up. Let’s see about the coupon code and offers below.

Hostgator provides three type of coupon code.

1. 1cent discount coupon code

2. 25% discount coupon code

3. Best maximum discount coupon code

1cent or penny discount coupon code

By using the below coupon code you will get the first month as billing $0.01 (1 cent) coupon code and following month you need to pay depend upon you choosing the hosting plan.

Use coupon code: HOSTINGBRITE

While you sign up in hostgator don’t forgot to use this discount coupon code.

Hostgator 25% OFF discount coupon code

The 2nd coupon option you can save 25% OFF for any purchase which you made on hostgator.

Use this Coupon Code: HOSTINGBRITE25

For eg: if you choose, baby plan in hostgator and choosing the 6 month billing cycle you save $14.93 and you only need to pay $44.77 instead of $59.7.  By using this above coupon you are saving 25% OFF.

Best maximum discount coupon code

Apart from these above two coupon code hostgator throw up some maximum discount coupon code on their official website. Hostgator change their coupon frequently depend upon their seasons.

Right now, the hostgator public coupon code current promotion offers only 20% OFF. At any time they will change the discount coupon code. I will update this post once in a week, so you get updated coupons here.

So, to avail the maximum discount coupon code use the coupon code HOSTINGBRITE25 you get 25%OFF.

Tips to choosing hostgator discount coupon code

a) You can use the below coupon code for your web hosting and save your money.

b) If you are new to internet and hosting then, baby plan is enough and you can host many websites as much as you can.

Hostgator Discount coupon code 2012

       Plan six months   Discount  Coupon code benefit %


 Discount Coupon code benefit in $
     Baby      1 cent      HOSTINGBRITE        $0.01
     Baby    20 % OFF            SPRING        $11.94
     Baby    25 % OFF      HOSTINGBRITE25        $14.93


By choosing baby plan for six months I show the above comparison chart for easy way. I will update this post, whenever new coupons available.

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