How to Install WordPress at BLuehost

Easy way to install WordPress at bluehost check this video for more information.

VideO Trnscription:

I’m going to show you how to install WordPress using modo marketplace from
your Cpanel. we’re starting out NRC panel.
we’re going to choose one click installs this is going to take you to mow Joe
marketplace.  here you can install scripts there’s also a large selection
have themes, add-ons & plugins which you can purchase.
once gone to modern marketplace we’re going to install WordPress which is
right at the top under blogs,
we’re going to start a brand new install now it’s going to ask us which domain we want to install
it to you.
so you want to find the domain the you want.
and then click check domain now.
you can show the advanced options and you can change your site name or title
this you can also edit once you’ve installed WordPress
you can also set your username and your password
you can change your password at a later date
but the username you can change summation that’s what you want to be
when she set that up check the you’ve read the terms and conditions
and click Install Now you can watch the progress bar
up at the top of your screen and this will let you know how the installation
is going
you can also look at teams if you’re in the mind to purchase one
alright now that the installation is done you can view your credentials
which is your login information for your site here’s all your login information
that you will need to log into your brand new WordPress site
we can go ahead and log in now to make sure everything is setup correctly
and there you go that he would install WordPress to be found and replaced here.

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