Is Dedicated IP Address help for SEO?

When comes to web hosting we came to know well about dedicated IP address. Here I spill some words about dedicated IP address and SEO. All shared hosting IP address uses shared IP address so if your websites hosted on shared hosting then many websites shared on your same IP address.

In this post, we will see how and when will help if you go for dedicated IP address. Don’t you know about IP address and hearing first time then take a look at this article about IP address

Dedicated ip address and SEO

In SEO industry many things changed by Big giant search engine Google. After panda update and penguin update drastic changes happened in ranking in Google algorithm. Whatever may be we have question in mind,

Is dedicated IP address help for SEO ranking?

There is no straight answer for this question. As like you many of them spend dollars of dollars in SEO to rank in Google. But while considering the dedicated IP address there is a chance of SEO benefits. Because if you are in shared hosting, if any of other website has suspicious content then there is chance of affecting your website. For SEO purpose if you go for dedicated IP address then do a research yourself and take your decision.

In rather than SEO, there is also more benefits while choosing dedicated IP address. We will see here below one by one.

Dedicated IP address hosting

While you decide to choose dedicated IP address then choosing the web hosting is a vital role in these parts. Here is the below list of dedicated IP address hosting providers.

Dedicated ip address hostgator

Hostgator provides shared web hosting, reseller account, private or virtual server. Dedicated IP address can get from it’s provided by hostgator. The class-c IP address starts from $7/IP/month. Note: there is difference between C- Class IP address and other IP’s also, check here about those IP address.

Hostgator provide one dedicated IP address for business plan, you can contact hostgator and buy them here.

Liquid web offers: $1 per IP/month

Liquid web VPS package include 1 IP additional’s IP’s are $1.00 per IP per month.

Site5 also offers $1/IP/month check yourself here.

Dedicated ip address cost

The cost of dedicated IP address is depend upon the web hosting providers you choose. Refer the above list. The cost of dedicated IP address starts from $1- $7 /month.

Dedicated ip address Advantages

  • When you type your dedicated ip address in browser url, you can view your website.
  • Setup SSL protection for your website in other words private ssl
  • Private name servers.


By choosing dedicated IP address or Virtual Private server the above things need to consider. As I said above there are some more benefits like having private name servers due to this its shows your domain name instead of your webhosting providers. Having a VPS server is good and you have the full root access, so you can do anything without depending others.

Happy hosting! All the best.

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