Choose your theme for your hosting niche

For every website the first impression to your site is your design of the theme. Isn’t it? .. So, we need to give some importance for hosting themes. They are many ways to achieve these and i also tell you why we need it?

ok, in the world they are many of them offering hosting services to their client and re sellers. Many of the hosting withstand still and most of them gone away.

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Premium cPanel themes for your web hosting

cpanel themes

CPanel themes are important for every web hosting. It’s like heart of the web hosting. Control panel (cpanel) which only help the end-user to easily manage their all hosting activities. So, while working in hosting niche the end-user expectation is important. Here in this post, I like to share the premium cPanel themes for your web hosting.

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How to get more customers for your hosting business

Nowadays, there are many webhosting companies in the world. This hosting business is the great way to earn more but it happens only due to hard work only. As a starter many of them come to this field and went away due to lack of business ideas. None of them grow as rocket science and it always only due to the lot of work experience only. Isn’t it?

Ok. Let’s come to the post title.

B2C (Business to Customers) is the webhosting. Getting loyal customers is the great income for growing the hosting company. Always there is a big hole in every niche if you try to do more home work then you really find yourself. Here I would like to share some of few points how to get web hosting clients.

Promote offline

Due to huge growth in web hosting industry they are a lot of competition in online. For eg: for the keword “WordPress hosting” it has the lot of competition but it’s difficult to achieve in top on Google.

If there is positive then there is negative.

If there is Good then there is bad.

If there is online then it must be offline.

Yes, in offline you can promote your hosting in easy way. Go for university or colleges and pick some brilliant student and explain about hosting and blogging. Due to this the students will tell to their friends and you can get more customers for your hosting.

Word of Mouth

This is very powerful method beyond the online promotion because this happens only from your relatives or friends. As I said earlier, you can also explain about hosting to the staff member then they will said their friends. By the way you can also increase your hosting clients.

Offer FREE Gift

Users always like FREE , provide some valuable Gift or eBook as Free to the customers. The Free gift is standout from crowd, so that users will do a sign up and you can convert them as paid customers. For Free gift make the landing page something with different, so that users like to opt in. see the killer landing page here and it converts more.

Last but not least

Even sometime low competition keyword works better than competitive keyword. In low competition keyword, less traffic but more conversion. In better say, you are targeting the right customers in right way.

I hope these three simple tips helps to lead your more clients to your hosting. There are many ways to get more customers. The method which you worked for you, it will may work or may not work. Everything is trial and error basis and work experience. All the best, if this post helped then do share with your Facebook and Google plus circle.

Note: I don’t have any hosting company. I am sharing my ideas here for guidelines.


3 ways to protect your vps server

VPS (Virtual private server) or dedicated server is the great way to host multiple website in a better way. If your website hosted on vps server then a great applause for you. I hope you are getting enormous traffic and easily maintaining your multiple website.

In this post let’s us see the 3 ways to help you to protect your VPS server.

First thing First – Free from malware

They are many hosting providers which offer inbuilt security system. Apart from these security some hackers break the security and there may be a chance for getting malwares. To avoid these and always free from malwares use the best scurri software. I used it for many websites, I would like to recommend here for all users. You can scan your website for freely.

It will remove the malwares on your website and keep your site clean.

Backup your Files

The second thing which I would like to share is always backup your files of your website. If you have the best backup software then you no need to worry about hackers. Backup is the best way and I strongly recommend the same for your whole website. If you are using WordPress as platform for your site, then backupbuddy is the best backup software. It will really helpful, the new version which is really backup your both database and folders.

Last but not least

If you are having many website which drives a lot of traffic then you really keep this point in your mind. It will really helps to maintain your website easily.

Sometime, the server will went to downtime we have to make a call to them company and explaining the situation regarding your server attack. But instead I would recommend always have at least one freelancer.

Build a strong relationship with freelancer and hire a trusted freelancer because at any time it would be helpful. Even your hosting company will left your hand and sometimes they doesn’t understand what you are trying to say.

So hire a freelancer guy and keep with communication it will really helps to solve your critical situation in minimal time.

I hope these three tips really helpful for you. If this post helped then do share this post with your friends.


15 Joomla Web Hosting Template to Build Hosting Websites

pgl template joomla

Joomla is free and open source content management system. Millions of websites still it run on joomla and it shows still it stand out from crowd. I will also came to know about Joomla hosting template.

I like WordPress very much and even this website also runs on WordPress too. But this post will helpful to choose the Joomla template for your web hosting sites. If you would like to choose Joomla template, then select the below Joomla hosting template that fits your needs.

Before let’s go into I would like to tell few things.

Joomla is used by many website owners and still they are rocking. I asked with my friend “How is the Joomla Content Management system?” Then, he replied Joomla is easy to learn and which are very easy to use. So that,I came to write a post regarding Joomla hosting template for Joomla fans.

Ok.. Let’s see one by one

ZThosting template

ZThosting joomla web hosting template created by zoo template. It has more features build in color tools, mega menu supported, it has tables design and many more. If you would like to build your hosting websites then this hosting template will best fit. I am really like the color of the design. See the live demo link yourself.

Joomla web hosting template

–>                                                       Live Demo                           Download Here

Youhosting Joomla Template

It’s another web hosting Joomla template created by youjoomla team. These template will perfect for your web hosting service.

web hosting joomla template


–>                                                        Live Demo                           Download Here

host Joomla template

Quick host is one of clean and modern design to build your hosting website easily. These below template which will available for download at themeforest. Before you download, click the below demo link and see the live design.


–>           Live Demo                           Download Here

I hope the above professional Joomla hosting template helps to build your site. I will update this post, whenever I see the new templates.

If you would like to build your site on WordPress then Read my previous post best WordPress themes. Also check my previous post about WHMCS templates to design your hosting sites.

Updated, i found a new Joomla template ZEN HOST for web hosting provided by Joomla bamboo also check here for more details

Zenhost - joomla template

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PGL Joomla template

It is one of the responsive hosting template and its released this month only. It comes with 10 different style. See below for more direct link.

pgl template joomla

                Live Demo                           Download Here


It is one of the lightweight clean design which helpful to design the webpages in unique manner. It’s really simple to use for our design style. For more information check the below link.



Live Demo                           Download Here





Web Hosting video tutorials for resellers and hosting companies

Video tutorials are very helpful in web hosting industry not only in web hosting industry but also for end users. If you have reseller account in webhosting or do have small hosting companies, then these video tutorials are very helpful to reduce your support work. These are brandable cpanel video tutorials and brandable whm video tutorials.

The internet has many video tutorials for hosting. But the problem having is to reach the right customers. In this post, we can learn about the hosting demo tutorials and how you can withstand your customers.

How this demo tutorials works?

Do you have your own web hosting company, then it’s useful for you. The demowolf offering these flash video tutorials for web hosting. See the video tutorials and get your own tutorials for your customers.

First Get the demowolf video tutorials and rebrand with your logo.

Second embed these demo video tutorials into your website.

web hosting tutorial for hosting companies

Sample video tutorials                                                           Download Video tuotorials

Why you need this?

If you have your own small or medium hosting companies in your country then these video tutorials are helpful for your end users. It’s really important and keep reading, they are 4 reasons why you need.

1. Branding

Yes, by buying these demo tutorials you can brand with your own logo. Your brand (logo) speaks more and it reminds your customers about your web hosting. Your customers can easily remember these.

2. Reduce your support

By implementing these tutorials your work load will be reduced. Whenever customer contacted you can ask the customers hey “see my video tutorials section” like this.

3. Speaks more about your hosting

If anybody trying to buy your new hosting, then the customer has a lot of questions in mind. By seeing these video tutorials section he get all information regarding his doubts.

Common Question asked:

Can i see a one of the demo video tutorial? so i can use it for my reseller business.

sure. Please check below.

If you have your reseller account or small hosting company it’s best suit for you. I hope this post helpful for you and you can also create your own video tutorials but you need to work more and you also need to do voice over for your videos.  See this demo video tutorials in action here >>>

Use Coupon code: AUTUMNSALE at the checkout. offer expires OCT 15,2015. 50% OFF for Purchase.

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Best Place to find WHMCS ADDON and WHMCS Plugins

WHMCS is commonly called as Web hosting management complete solution it’s one of the british company as stated in wiki. Here in this post I would like to share about the WHMCS addons and best place to get it. Addons or plugins which are very helpful to run a software without any hassle.

whmcs addon

WHMCS addons

If you have your own license on whmcs then more addons are available on official website of whmcs. It has more addons like project management, licensing addons, customizable packages and many more. It’s one of the best place hope you know better this site for your client management.

whmcs addon


Advanced Ticket Escalation addon

For whmcs some of the useful addons are available here. Check here for all of the addon which support whmcs.


Clean PDF Whmcs addon

Now creating the invoice as PDF format is very easy as before. Even we can customize the logo, and color too.

Your can find here for more here.

Pdf whmcs addon


ModulesGarden addon

ModulesGarden has numerous addon for WHMCS. Extension modules are advanced solution and easily integrate with the WHMCS. Some of the most available addons are DNS manager for WHMCS, IP manager for WHMCS.

And also has advanced billing whmcs addon. Do check here your self here.

beautifulul whmcs addon and plugin for wordpress joomla and ecommerce

See here in action —–> modules

whmcsextras CRM addon

As the name implies it gives extra addons for your whmcs system. whmcsextras offers CRM addon. With the help of this whmcs addon we can easily integrate into whmcs. CRM addon will really helpful to manage the incoming leads in whmcs

The new version CRM 3.0 has more features like track conversion, lead management, keep track on leads, earnings report and many more. For more details about these addon see here.

whmcs crm addon

It will perfectly integrate the whmcs with crm. Download –>>here

Easywhmcs addon

In easy whmcs addon has many premium addon for whmcs. some of them are expenses, staff knowledge,advanced to do list, affiliate graph addon,external page currencies,whmcs testimonial,whmcs twitter and many more. Click here to see the live demo and more details about whmcs addon.
easy whmcs addon


Clickdesk live chat whmcs plugin

Clickdesk is used to provide live support for hosting companies. The main features of clickdesk it has whmcs live chat addon. It perfectly integrated into whmcs (web host manger complete solutions). If your existing chat having problem, then take a look at these clickdesk. It offers 30 day money back guarantee. check the clickdesk here.

whmcs live chat plugin

I hope if you have whmcs then these addon or whmcs plugins are helpful.

eNom Pro Whmcs Addon

eNom pro 2.0 provided by mycircletree and it’s one of the really helpful addon you can easily import your eNom Domains into Whmcs and also it has four admin widgets in-built. The main features of these we can track the expiring SSL certificate easily. see here in action

eNom Whmcs addoncheck here for more information and details —> here


Additional information cpanel addon

If you are looking for cpanel addon then you can get more addons at affordable price. see the addons here on their site.


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Hello friends, after i published this post i found some of the really helpful WHMCS addon and plugins whmcs bridge, whmcs backup and restore, whmcs remote provisions. Both free and premium available check the same here.

More addon:

Forced Ads for Hosting


It is one of the client widget and you can show the ads to get more revenue.Click here to get these.

WHMCS menu manager


We can easily edit, reorder in whmcs menu, see here for more..




Best Web Hosting icons set for your website

Best place to find web hosting icons set in high professional manner both Free and low-cost price. While we creating a hosting related website sure, we came across to design your site in high professional manner. Because this only going to help you to drive more sales and maintain your business. Here’s the images helps to fulfill the whole site in professionally.

As I said, getting images is not difficult; I came up here to get the best place to get the web hosting icon set. I had listed here one by one for your reference, if it helped then do share with your friends network.


As the name suggest these site has more number of icon set for premium as well as free icons also. They are more than 500 stock icons, 500 + mini icons, 220 free icon. While for web hosting niche, the application toolbar icon set and mobile application tool bar icon set both will best suit and this is my one of my favorite for web hosting icon set.

hosting icons set

Visit the webiconset here >>


Graphicriver is one of the best place and it’s run by envato. It has more stock images, vector image, psd files and many more. Most of the images get starts from $1 and easy to use on your own website. It has more web hosting icons images also. Here is the direct link to get hosting icons

hosting stock images

Visit here starts from $1 >>


Fotolia is one of my favorite choices and used many times in blog and I recommend to same for our readers.  It has more vector images for hosting niches and most of them get under $1 for purchase.  They  are many royalty free stock images available but these fotolia which stand out from crowd and adding more value to the website. It’s worth to Buy for your site.

web hosting stock images

Visit here fotolia stock images from $0.16 >>

I hope this post will helped to get hosting icon package  for your site. If it helped then do share with your favorite social bookmarking below and your comments are welcome.


WordPress web hosting plugin to your site

Here is the list of  WordPress web hosting plugins. Plugins are very useful in WordPress to do a certain task in an easy way. WordPress is best platform and used by web hosting companies, website owners and bloggers. So, I grouped the plugins in various format below.

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hosting plugin

Plugins for Web hosting companies

They are two amazing WordPress plugins for web hosting companies. These two plugins which are provided by wpmudev and you can run your own web hosting company.

1. WHMCS MU Provisioning

If you run your own Web hosting business using WHMCS, then this whmcs mu provisioning plugin will automate your WordPress offering.

Web hosting plugin whmcs

–>                                                       More details & download link


  • Sell WordPress hosting plans
  • Sell domain names
  • Manage client sites and billing
  • Handle support tickets
  • Place it all nicely in the WordPress dashboard
  • Much more!

2. WHMCS integration into WordPress

With the help of this plugin, we can easily integrate the WHMCS within the WordPress. For more information about the details see the below link it will be very helpful.

Wordpress Whmcs plugin

–>                                                       More details & download link

Many self hosted website which using WordPress as a platform and the whmcs integration into WordPress is not a hard task. You can easily do this, see the official page. These are the two powerful WordPress web hosting plugin to rocks the site.

WordPress Plugins for hosting website owners.

1. Serverbuddy [FREE]

It’s an amazing WordPress plugin to check your WordPress web hosting and security. I highly recommend to use this plugin. Sometimes, you came a situation like to install a WordPress theme or plugins for their specification. Many of the website owners doesn’t know about their PHP,cpanel version. After you install this plugin, serverbuddy scans your site completely and provide a detail report about hosting specification. This plugin which was provided by ithemes and you can get here SeverBuddy- Free WP plugin to check hosting & security.

2.  BackupbuddyBack up plugin wordpress

Another WordPress plugin from ithemes which I like very much and it helped me to save from hackers. I hope, you heard this statement “Prevention is better than cure”. Yes, before your site get hacked the best way to back up your WordPress site completely with the help of backup buddy plugin. The beauty part of this backupbuddy it will backup both the WordPress files and folders. Get here and backup your site.

Save your money by using this ithemes coupon code ELF2012 and you get 35% OFF for our readers.

3. WP-Invoice [Free]

WP-Invoice lets you create and send web-invoices and setup recurring billing for your clients. If you run your small web hosting business then this plugin will really helpful.

4. WordPress Email ticket support plugin

Update: This plugin not available on code-canyon alternatively check this plugin here

This is one of the awesome plugin to maintain the support emails easily.Do you provide support to your customers via email, then this plugin will helps. If you are a site owner just install this plugin to your WordPress site but before you install you must read this below otherwise it won’t work.

Wordpress plugin email ticket

Ask your hosting provider like this. “do you support the php imap extension and the php imap_open() function?” so that it will work.

How this plugin works? Customer need to click the submit ticket button on your website, then a pop-up appears, customer fills the data and it will created as ticket. See the live demo here and download here

Check these another plugin with same functionality here

5. PHP memory indicator

Some hosting providers allow only limited space at that time we will really frustrated when we exit the php memory. So this plugin will helps to show how much you consumed the php memory in footer of your WordPress dashboard. Download here from official wordpress site.

6. Sell domain name by using WordPress plugin

My domain list plugin which help you to manage, promote, and sell their inventory of domain. check the demo page for more details

sell domain name using plugin

I hope these are the WordPress hosting plugin to help your site. If this helped for you, do share on your favorite social site. Let me know, which hosting related plugin you are using? share your thoughts in comment section below.

7. Promote your hosting in easy way

If you would like to spread your hosting in viral way, they are numerous way you can achieve this like pop-up, via comments, and multilevel spreading. Do check yourself for more details here.

I found one more useful plugin WordPress who is plugin check the demo here.

8. Domain availability plugin

To check available domain, this plugin will really helpful. It is ajax based so it’s very fast to show the result. here is the demo for your reference. see here for more details about domain availability.


  • It show multiple extension of domain
  • Ajax powered search
  • Installation is easy.

ajax - plugin for domain hosting company

If you are looking for wordpress hosting which support plugin then check here.


Web hosting Review Plugin in WordPress

WordPress is a good Content management system and its best suit to build any type of website in any niche. If you want to create review website especially for web hosting, then this post will helpful to create web hosting review site using WordPress plugins. Here is the collection of web hosting review WordPress plugin and easy to choose for best fit to your website.

Creating Web hosting review site or in any niche site is good decision. They are many web hosting companies in world. so before try to write review, host your blog to that web hosting and learn some of the pros and cons of the web hosting. So that it will helpful to write better review otherwise outsource your work on  they are many freelancers will help for you in cheap price.

Ok. Let’s see the Web hosting plugin one by one and don’t forgot read the below tips it will helpful for you in some way.

WPreviewengine [Not available]

Wpreviewengine is review site plugin that turns your WordPress into web hosting review website. It will work with any theme. Before you get hands, see the live demo below here. Wpreviewengine which offers 30 days money back guaranteed.

WPreviewengine Demo

->                                      Live Demo                           Download Here


Myreviewplugin is another WordPress review plugin to build a better review website. This plugin author offers a three themes along with plugin for just $130. It has 45 days money back guarantee. It has more features like adding star rating in comment system, custom comment fields and many more. Check here for features about myreviewplugin

Review plugin demo

->                                               Live Demo                           Download Here


WPreviewsite is another powerful review site plugin for WordPress. The plugin author offers 60 days money back guaranteed and plugin price is $97. See the below link for live demo.

Wordpress Webhosting review plugin

->                                        Live Demo                           Download Here

Web hosting is great niche and high competition in internet. But if you grasp some of the techniques you can learn lot and implement it to your website. While writing review for web hosting keep in mind with the below tips, so these will help to get more benefits for you.

Tips for creating review Website for your Web hosting.

a)  Host your website in particular web hosting. (Try the hosting before you write review)

b) While writing review post, don’t push the features and benefits to the customers in the beginning itself. Instead tell “why you should choose this hosting?”

c)  Please, don’t IGNORE, use at least one videos.

d) Use the Authorhreview plugin, it helps to high CTR in Google SERP.

e) Also use the good theme that best suit for you, and check this here.

I hope this WordPress web hosting review plugin post helped to choose for your website, if you like do share with your twitter and Facebook friends. How you are managing your review website, share it with below in comment section.

Last Updated: June 23, 2014


one of my reader, asked me about hosting review theme for his website. So i suggested the three themes for him. Hope it will also helpful for you because you can achieve your review website with the help of these theme also rather than plugin.

1. Inreview theme –>> here


2. daily wp –>> here


3. reviewer wp theme –>> here


4. pro review theme —>> here


5. reviews theme —–>>here