Cron job in cpanel web hosting

I heard the word cronjob first time in odesk while searching for project. Later I came to know that cron job is a part in cpanel web hosting. In this post I will tell you what is cron job, how to set up in cpanel?

What is cronjob?

Cron job is scheduler task which runs on your web hosting. By using you may either to choose the cron to run particular task in particular or periodic way. It’s one of the script which do this job automatically on your server.

How to set up cron job in cpanel?

Setting up cron job is simple, once you watch the below video tutorials.

Web hosting that allows cron jobs

Now many web hosting which have cpanel allows to set up cron jobs.  Here is the below Web hosting that allows cron jobs and start your website hosting in cheap price.




 Do your web hosting not allow cronjob ?

Some of the Web hosting like Ipages, fatcow and many reseller web hosting doesn’t allow cron job for your website. Because these web hosting which run their own control panel.

If you are hosting your account on Ipages or fatcow or anyother reseller account, then there is two solutions for this to run a cron job.

a) Move to your better web host

If your existing hosting account doesn’t allow to run a cron then move to a better web host company. They are plenty of web hosting in internet and my choice is to host on hostgator and I really like it very much with their live support and see more here about hostgator. It allows you to run a cron job for your website and I did many times to run cron job.

Don’t you feel not to move your site from your existing hosting account then there is another solution for this.

b) Use

The second way is very easiest way to run a cron job. Webbasedcron allow you to run a cron job on specific time or periodic or whenever you need. There is no limit on number of execution once you pay a 25$/year. Due to this cron job you will get all the benefits all over the year. They also offer 15 days trial period for webbasedcron. So try yourself and run the cron successfully.

 c) Outsource your work

I hope it’s like hearing the new word and feeling big headache for you, so outsource is the better way. Don’t worry always there is a good solution and easily outsource your work on odesk.  Here you can find virtual assistant for your work and there is lot more of people doing these freelance work at affordable rate.

Do let me know in comment section, how you manage to set up cron job in cpanel or whmcs?


4 reasons to Avoid is free blogging platform and many of them are using it. Before three years when I entered in online, I also use my first website After I did my blogging in my free I felt worry because many things not able to do that in free version. In this post, I will share why you not to choose free website for your blogging and I also give some solutions to avoid these disadvantages. is used by many blogging users because it’s free and after you get huge traffic you can switch over to self hosted blog.

While I start my blogging in free platform I never heard about that there is one another platform. While newbie’s it’s always confuse about WordPress. There is a huge difference between and is a FREE and is a premium

Here is the list of disadvantages of

1. Permalinks are very ugly

If you see the above link it has date followed by post title, while looking it’s not search engine friendly and doesn’t allow customizing your permalinks.

The link should be meaningful and helpful to user, because the permalink only show into your Google search with your title of post.

2. Affiliate links not allowed doesn’t allow affiliate links because it has own policy. Yes, I try to promote some of the product in my free site, I really shocked and I can’t place any clickbank links. Even when I try to place the clickbank affiliate link It automatically redirected to this page.

So, it clearly stated that affiliate links are not permitted in website. I can’t able to add the affiliate link, so I can’t make money the best choice go for self hosted

3. It’s a sub domain

Yes, see here it’s sub-domain rather than top-level domain. For ranking in search engine top-level domain is the best rather than having sub-domain.

So, the best solution to register a new domain in at the cost of $10/year or you can get it for FREE also for this see below.

4. I can’t see the plugin panel in

Yes, another one of the big disadvantage of it doesn’t allow plugins for your website. I am very much disappointed while seeing this, because I already wrote many post in

Plugins are very important for website because even though it’s small script and it helps the lot for your websites. Unfortunately doesn’t allow the option to use the plugins in website.

There is a solution for this keep reading below…

The best solution to avoid this and start a new site in

For these you need two things.

1. Domain name.

You need to register a domain name in or godaddy. I register my domain in at very lowest price $9.88/year. If you want to get this FREE, read the below solution section.

2. Web Hosting

Yes,  the 2nd one which really need is web hosting. Web hosting is web space where you are going to pay the money and buy some spaces in their web hosting account. I am hosting this domain with very lowest price.

So, you can install the or WordPress by using software.

P.S Due to these disadvantages of free I started a new domain and web hosting. If you buy these domains and hosting in different place like me, you need to connect both of them by changing the nameserver.


If you are new and hearing the domain and hosting words first time then I recommend to choose bluehost because you will get FREE domain for one year along with the hosting package. It’s very cheap and you can host unlimited website means you can add unlimited domains there is no restriction.


Within a few days itself I realized these free WordPress web hosting ( )disadvantages, and choose this new domain and hosting. If you need any help for your WordPress and hosting then comment below or contact me directly. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and if you enjoy this post please share this post to your favorite’s social bookmarking sites.


Affiliate marketing programs for small businesses web hosting

While starting a web hosting business, affiliates are really helpful to grow your business.  Both you and your affiliates can earn some standard income. If you are planning to start a web hosting companies then choose the right affiliate software in starting itself. In this post we will see some of the best affiliate software for web hosting companies.

Many business starts from scratch and learn some good experience from previous hosting companies. So for this I do a research myself and provide the best affiliate software for easy decision. I hope this will helps to grow your business in a better way.


It is one of the affiliate marketing software and helping many small business to setup own affiliate system for your site. Here is direct demo link to check for affiliate system in hosting niche. They are many success stories around these marketing system.

Live Demo                           Download Here

Also Do you know how to write sales email? Check here for more information.

Post affiliate pro software

Post affiliate pro software helps to create your own affiliate program and easily manage your affiliates. The installation for post affiliate pro is very simple. It has more features to track your affiliates, deep link to the merchant website, easily pay to your affiliates and options to create sub affiliates also. Post affiliate pro software gives 30 days money back guarantee so try yourself.

Post affiliate Pro

                                                Live Demo                           Download Here

Who are using this affiliate software in web hosting?

Zootemplate and are using this post affiliate pro to manage their affiliates.

Update: Now wpengine change their affiliate program in


It’s one of the great place for both merchant and affiliates.
Learn how we can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site. It has more inbuilt tools and used by many top-notch companies as well small-scale industries also. You can check below here.

affiliate marketing

–>                                                    Live Demo                           Download Here

 Idev affiliate software

It’s one of the best affiliate software to handle the affiliates in easy way. Idev affiliate software is used by many geeks in web hosting industry. Idev affiliate installation setup is easy and banners and text file can be uploaded without any interruption. Idev affiliate software offers 1 year of free upgrade while purchasing the software first time.

Best affiliate software

                                                 Live Demo                           Download Here


Who are using this affiliate software in web hosting?

WpWebhost and are using these affiliate software to manage their affiliates.


WhmCs is complete solution for your client management, billing and support solution. It’s easy to use and many top web hosting still uses these as client management system for their web hosting. The pricing structure starts from $15.95/month and it offers 30 days money back guarantee. Now Whmcs release their latest version 5.0


Live Demo                                Download Here



Best Web hosting Pricing Tables

While starting a Web hosting websites the first important part is choosing the best themes and templates. But for unique design and features we have to go for little customization needed and it can be done easily. Here in this post, I collected the web hosting pricing tables for choosing the best one.


Elitepack Classic CSS3 Pricing Tables and Boxes

Elitepack pricing tables is best suited for Web hosting products and services. It’s the pure CSS3 pack and easy to use for your website. These CSS3 pricing tables have sold 195 sales and it has 25 user ratings

Pricing tables

                                                                                                                Live Demo                           Download Here

CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Pack ( Also for WordPress Pricing tables)

These pricing tables which contain 2 style layout and 20 different color version. It’s an amazing pricing table and easy to use. Out of many pricing tables these CSS3 pricing table generated 1520 Sales check out the demo below. This is one of the best WordPress pricing table plugin available see here


                                                                                                         Live Demo                           Download Here

Responsive CSS3 Pricing Tables

By using these pricing tables you can build the tables in matter of within minutes. It’s design for easy use and it suitable for all products and services.  With these same style pricing table for WordPress plugin also available here from the same author.

Css3 prcing tables

                                                                                                          Live Demo                           Download Here

Clean Pricing Table Coded 

Awesome clean pricing table suitable for web hosting services. This pricing table template comes with both HTML as well as CSS.

Clean pricing tables

                                                                                                             Live Demo                           Download Here

Amp Pricing Grid

It’s one of the html pricing table and suitable for all products and web hosting services. Check the demo below.

Pricing Grid

                                                                                                              Live Demo                           Download Here

WordPress Pricing Table Plugin Pro

Pricing table for WordPress plugin by wpeden. It has awesome features and easy to customize the css easily. It comes with 16 different styles and unlimited column. So there is no restriction and you can use many columns as much as you want.

Wordpress web hosting pricing tables

                                                                                                                Live Demo                           Download Here

New pricing table go responsive pricing is released previous year 2013 janaury 1, This pricing table specially designed for WordPress and it’s responsive, more color options also. check the demo below

Responsive pricing table

                                                                                                                Live Demo                           Download Here

Premium Web hosting pricing tables

                                                                                                           More details

I hope these best pricing tables for WordPress and templates really help to build your web hosting pricing tables and also recommend see this hosting themes here. If these posts really help and save your time, then share this to your friends via your favorite social network. Also check this pricing plugin.


Updated- september 2 ,2015

Responsive CSS3 pricing table for WordPress

Live Demo                           Download Here

Grid LIke Table plugin

Live Demo                           Download Here

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Is Dedicated IP Address help for SEO?

When comes to web hosting we came to know well about dedicated IP address. Here I spill some words about dedicated IP address and SEO. All shared hosting IP address uses shared IP address so if your websites hosted on shared hosting then many websites shared on your same IP address.

In this post, we will see how and when will help if you go for dedicated IP address. Don’t you know about IP address and hearing first time then take a look at this article about IP address

Dedicated ip address and SEO

In SEO industry many things changed by Big giant search engine Google. After panda update and penguin update drastic changes happened in ranking in Google algorithm. Whatever may be we have question in mind,

Is dedicated IP address help for SEO ranking?

There is no straight answer for this question. As like you many of them spend dollars of dollars in SEO to rank in Google. But while considering the dedicated IP address there is a chance of SEO benefits. Because if you are in shared hosting, if any of other website has suspicious content then there is chance of affecting your website. For SEO purpose if you go for dedicated IP address then do a research yourself and take your decision.

In rather than SEO, there is also more benefits while choosing dedicated IP address. We will see here below one by one.

Dedicated IP address hosting

While you decide to choose dedicated IP address then choosing the web hosting is a vital role in these parts. Here is the below list of dedicated IP address hosting providers.

Dedicated ip address hostgator

Hostgator provides shared web hosting, reseller account, private or virtual server. Dedicated IP address can get from it’s provided by hostgator. The class-c IP address starts from $7/IP/month. Note: there is difference between C- Class IP address and other IP’s also, check here about those IP address.

Hostgator provide one dedicated IP address for business plan, you can contact hostgator and buy them here.

Liquid web offers: $1 per IP/month

Liquid web VPS package include 1 IP additional’s IP’s are $1.00 per IP per month.

Site5 also offers $1/IP/month check yourself here.

Dedicated ip address cost

The cost of dedicated IP address is depend upon the web hosting providers you choose. Refer the above list. The cost of dedicated IP address starts from $1- $7 /month.

Dedicated ip address Advantages

  • When you type your dedicated ip address in browser url, you can view your website.
  • Setup SSL protection for your website in other words private ssl
  • Private name servers.


By choosing dedicated IP address or Virtual Private server the above things need to consider. As I said above there are some more benefits like having private name servers due to this its shows your domain name instead of your webhosting providers. Having a VPS server is good and you have the full root access, so you can do anything without depending others.

Happy hosting! All the best.


Best WordPress Web Hosting provider

Many user like me looking for best WordPress web hosting, because WordPress is a good CMS (content management system) and many bloggers, Webmasters,  and internet geeks are using this. WordPress has been chosen best one because it has Plugins, themes and widgets.

Basically I am busy man and I have many WordPress website and blogs. It’s difficult to manage every websites upgrade to latest WordPress version. Because WordPress release their upgrade frequently due to their security and more features. which seems a good managed WordPress hosting services and reliable to use. has numerous features and account controls are done within your WordPress dashboard. It has high security and reliable to use. It’s dedicated to special for WordPress platform and if you are geek and know about the servers well you can check here about the features

Keep in mind,

If you already host your website with some other hosting company and having issue with your current host then will helps. There is no Cpanel or WHM and all your hosting control are happened within your WordPress dashboard.

Yes, I know what you have question in your mind.

Then how the control panel or hosting panel looks? Check here about the hosting panel. The beauty parts of this web hosting features are:

  • No need to install WordPress using any software it’s preinstalled.
  • No need to take backup
  • Automatic WordPress upgrade and plugins.

Including all this features and price starts from $19.95/mo and for accessing the FTP you need to pay extra $5 fees and here check plans and pricing that best fit for you.


WPengine is the best WordPress hosting and it’s suitable for WordPress CMS platform. It’s not using any Cpanel or WHM rather than WPengine uses custom rail application to control the hosting. After you sign-up the WPengine you will see the below screen to control your hosting within the dashboard. See the below screenshot.

Wpengine cpanel

  • Awesome support
  • High security for your website
  • Daily Backup

By choosing Wpengine you no need to install cache plugin read this official post and you get answer.

WPengine is more expensive and price starts from $29/month. However, WPengine offers 60 day money back guarantee. So try yourself before get started.

Bluehost is one of web hosting for WordPress and its reliable to use. There are many advantage while hosting the website with bluehost. However, the bluehost specifically comes in a package and bluehost offer one free domain plus your hosting plan. So only you are going to pay for hosting package only. If you are first time hearing the word hosting, domain etc… Then you’re best choice to choose  bluehost.

It’s good for WordPress web hosting, because it has Cpanel, and WordPress is installed in just one click by using simple script. Below is the list of bluehost features.

One Free domain worth $14.95/year

Unlimited hosting – means you can host many website in your account. There is no limit for your hosting.

Easy WordPress installation – using simple script

Unlimited email accounts.

Unlimited data transfers.

Unlimited disk storage

Email based web solutions

Due to short of the post, I only point out few features only. For more features you can check yourself here.

By using all these features above the total cost of this hosting only $4.95/mon and by signup you get one free domain. Any time money back guarantee means you get pro rated discount whenever you can cancel at any time.

It’s one of the best WordPress hosting providers and it offers CDN as their service with hosting plan. Due to these amazing facilities WordPress website will loads fast and see more about CDN (content delivery network) for WordPress here in wpwebhost official website.

Features of WpWebhost

50 GB disk space.

50 addon domain.

Unlimited subdomain.

Cpanel included.

1 Click WordPress installation.

Free migration support.

While switching to WpWebhost you get more benefits, and see features and benefits of WpWebhost and offers. Give a try yourself and it’s offer 30 day money back guarantee.

WordPress hosting services comparison

[ahm-pricing-table id=168 template=green]Conclusion:

Choose the best wordpress web host which you believe and I just spill my own recommendation here. However by using my affiliate link I get a commission from the hosting providers. WordPress seems best for blogging platform as well as website also. I just left you choice and pick the host that best fits your needs. If you are first time using websites in internet and starting a small website then my choice is to select bluehost or this. My website which host on hostgator and I like the support very much. Analyse yourself the WordPress hosting and come to an end. The above hosting which offers money back guarantee. So you can try yourself without any fear.

If you need any installation setup for your website, then don’t hesitate to contact me.


Why you need reseller account in web hosting?

In Web hosting, if you are blogger or small business owners then you already familiar with shared hosting. You also need to know more about the reseller account. It’s a great experience to handle the client account in affordable price. In this post, you will learn more about the need of reseller account before to start a web hosting companies.

1. First thing first

Yes,Before to start a new Web hosting companies host your websites in shared hosting. Because you will learn more about the hosting ins and out of web hosting or other words you will get more exposure about the hosting problems.

If you use shared hosting, then you know more about the Cpanel,email setup,database and many more.

Web hosting

2. WHM in Hosting

The WHM expansion about Web host manager helps to handle multiple Cpanel account. In my previous post is Shared more about the WHM and WHM demo in detail, it’s worth to check it. Learn more about WHM and then kick-start your reseller account.

3. Finally Choose Reseller account

You are damn to start web hosting companies the it’s right choice to select reseller hosting. By doing this reseller account you will get more experience and client will ask frequently about how to do solve etc..

You must need to keep in mind about, customer relation, web hosting manager, handling issues, solving customer problem via phone support or email support or live chat. Choose the best option that fits your needs.

By choosing reseller account it will help to lead you to start a web hosting companies, I will share more about in upcoming post. Post your comment in comment section.


What is Cpanel in web hosting and who are using this?

In web hosting, cpanel is the heart of many websites because it has more control your website. The full name of cpanel is control panel. I know this cpanel well before I buy this hosting, I did some work on my client websites also. In previous post you know about the WHM and features.

Let’s know about the icons in cpanel

After you buy new webshoting, you will receive an email about your cpanel login detiails. By using your login credentials, go to your cpanel and logon to your hosting provider. You will see a lot of icons in your cpanel. These icons are going to help your to manage your web hosting website in easy manner. Let’s see here what each will do here.

CPanel Screenshot

eMails in cPanel.

For emails you can use the free gmail account or you can use the Google apps email account. I suggest you to use Google apps for your email management. Because it has more features, you can create more than 10 admin emails account.

In CPanel, you can use the mail account to manage your emails in easy manner. Every cpanel you can have the access to read your emails via, thunderbird, squirrel mail, etc.. These email also very helpful to manage your email accounts. All emails are stored in your hosting account. Make sure that whether, you r hosting provider have the facility to create unlimited emails or not. Host gator offers to their subscribers to create unlimited emails to the hosting account.

Database in Cpanel.

Database plays a vital role for every website. Each website has their own database. In cpanel, you can easily handled the database MySql. There is an icon you will see the phpmyadmin or mysql. This will help to manage your database.

Your WordPress, Post, pages, Html,tags,categories, these things will stored in your database only.

Logs in Cpanel

These logs icons will help to manage you logs files. When your site down, or hacked by hackers, then these logs files will help to resolve your issues. These will store all the error information in these files.

Security in Cpanel

Security is importance to protect your website from hackers. You can protect the directories by giving special password. They are many ways to protect your website.

One more thing, many designer or someone will copy your image link and used in their website. To avoid this, you have to protect your images links in your cpanel account. This is which called Hot link protection. With the help of this icons you can protect your images, script files etc…

Preference section in Cpanel

The title which says all, yes, it’s the first preference from all of these icon in Cpanel. Under this section you will learn more about the Cpanel, Getting started Guide, in video format. This will help to kick-start to learn about more in details about Cpanel. If you are new to web hosting control panel then this is the right place for your to learn more about Cpanel.

Files in Cpanel

Under this section you can see many icons. These will help to manage your hosting files. There is an icon you will see the File manager this will helps to manage all your hosting related files in folder format. Without any fear you can handle all the files.

Do you need to modify .htaccess or wp-config.php then you should come here to modify these files here. Also you can change the File permission here.

 Advanced in Cpanel,

In these section is for advanced users only not for basic users. If you are new to hosting than don’t touch here.

This section is helpful if you want to run a specific script at specific time, then the cron job will do this for you. It is the right place to do this to run a script. You will also see an icon about apache handler, these will helps to manage to how your apache webs server software manages for your certain file type extension.

Domains in Cpanel

This section is very helpful to host new domain in your existing hosting domain. To do this, you simply click the addon domain icon and follow the steps then your new hosting domain will be hosted.

You can also park a domain in these section,  here you can change the DNS for your domain with the DNS ZONE EDITOR.

Who are using this Cpanel

From small internet user to big geeks using Cpanel as web hosting provider. I am also big fan of Cpanel and using hostgator as my hosting account. Do you like Cpanel or WHM or any other do you use, share your comments in below comment section.



What is WHM in Web hosting? & when will need this?

WHM is Web Host Manger used by system administration to handle hosting account on web server. All web hosting services used this WHM to manage their hosting account. For resellers it will really help to manage their client account.

In this post, I will give a glance about how this really helping in web hosting to handle multiple cpanel account within a single administration panel.

Before, we go into this post; I will give a short story about this.

I started my blogging as career at 2009, at that time I only know about cpanel. Yes, I am in shared hosting in hostgator. I thought that cpanel is only thing which helps to handle all client account, after one year when I worked with some clients on freelancer, I came to know that beyond this cpanel WHM is there. Working with clients is really a great experience, isn’t it?

Web host Manager

Let’s back to WHM….

For linux web hosting, the Cpanel and WHM both combined to give easier for web site owners. This both will really helps to handle your all reseller account in a single administration panel. WHM/vps optimized this will helps to control all your hosting services. You can easily handle networking setup, server configuration, security center and much more.

Features of WHM

Installation is very easy.

WHM can handle many Cpanel.

Reseller hosting is a good choice for your hosting companies.

Who are using WHM ?

Many internet hosting companies are using whm for their customers to handle the customers hosting.

How did you see WHM on your web hosting?

WHM is available for managed web hosting,Virtual private server, and reseller account. It’s not available for shared web hosting. If you have other than shared web hosting then probably you will see the WHM on your hosting providers.

Whm has many options to handle DNS functions, Email, Server Setup,Cpanel, Server configuration,Support,Cluster/remote access, server status,ccount information, & account functions.

When will you need this WHM?

This will be must for starting a hosting companies or reseller accounts. If you go for private server then this whm will help to handle your client account.

In upcoming post you will get an idea about, when you can switch to vps hosting? & more related post will come.

Difference between cpanel & WHM?

Watch this below video tutorial.

Now you got an idea about What is whm, do you want to see this is in real, then go ahead..

WHM Demo?

WHM demo for your hosting… here you will see all the whm options

More Post will be on here, subscribe to our newsletter.Like this post, Post your comments below.


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