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In web hosting industry they are numerous companies are available and start up day by day. As we are reseller, we need to concentrate on choosing the themes because it is going to help the CTR and clean design to attract the end customers. Regarding themes and design i shared a blog post recently, if you missed please check here and here.


Every hosting business has their own web server and domain name for individuals and the customer. Those domains are maintained mainly with the help of WHMCS. The main expansion of WHMCS is web host manager complete solution.

Before let us see reseller hosting theme, let’s see how the business will help…

hosting theme for resellers

Reseller business is a great hosting business and we can easily earn money but need some little effort. If you know some of the tactics, then we can easily get more customers and clients from other countries. Everything we can learn by trial and error method and another way to get ideas from top notch people.

These are the best way to interact with clients and double your sales. Apart from that building loyal customers is one of the ways to withstand long long away and it will help to give some sort of amount month by month better say recurring income.

Let’s come to title of the post.

As I said before in the above paragraph it’s important and really we need that because it only drive more customers into the business. so while choosing the domain and themes, the look of the whole site should be professional and easy to attract the users.

so that i had shared those above two links for your concern. However i will share some of the post in near future. It will help you to get more and more. By doing this reseller account you will get more exposure and really needs.

Don’t Go away with empty hand, read rest of post.

If you are struggling to find new customers for your resellers then I share some of the tactics in my previous post. Please have a look at those you will really happy about that.

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