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Bluehost is one of the best shared web hosting providers. When I was worked as freelancer in odesk, I had the opportunities to work with blue host with my clients. The bluehost has stand away from crowd among the different hosting companies. Bluehost is one the largest web hosting companies and 1.9+ millions domains are hosted as stated in wiki. That’s why I had the job on odesk to work with these hosting again and again.

It’s a wonderful moment to work with these hosting providers and bluehost cpanel are very easy to use. Allow me here to share my personal experience about bluehost review. The bluehost shared hosting company started on 1996; the people which work behind as CEO of bluehost are Matt Heaten and dan handy. Bluehost has fast server and proven track record.

Why Bluehost?

They are many web hosting companies all over the world. But bluehost is differing from other companies. Bluehost is well suited for business owners and bloggers. As a blogger, this hosting well suited for me and my clients also. Because the WordPress updates are made available within 24 hours. It’s very easy for me to install WordPress with one click install using simple scripts,So that, I would also call as WordPress hosting.

One more reason which I prefer this bluehost, because it offers one free domain. It’s absolutely free with no cost for me. Due to this my work was very simple and no need of changing DNS record for this domain. This is how I used bluehost to help me achieve and save money.


Bluehost features:

Unlimited disk storage.

Host unlimited domains.

Unlimited monthly data transfer.

One free domain.

Free control panel.

99% uptime guaranteed.

Read here for more features..

Honestly say, this domain is hosted at another hosting provider, I obviously used bluehost and still I am familiar with how it works and there support are awesome. It’s more comfortable to host website with bluehost without any interruption.

Disclaimer: I do earn a commission if you go with bluehost, and they are some other web hosting companies are there and this is my personal experience working with bluehost and if you get through my affiliate link, thanks for your support and I really appreciate you.

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