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WordPress is a good Content management system and its best suit to build any type of website in any niche. If you want to create review website especially for web hosting, then this post will helpful to create web hosting review site using WordPress plugins. Here is the collection of web hosting review WordPress plugin and easy to choose for best fit to your website.

Creating Web hosting review site or in any niche site is good decision. They are many web hosting companies in world. so before try to write review, host your blog to that web hosting and learn some of the pros and cons of the web hosting. So that it will helpful to write better review otherwise outsource your work on freelancer.com  they are many freelancers will help for you in cheap price.

Ok. Let’s see the Web hosting plugin one by one and don’t forgot read the below tips it will helpful for you in some way.

WPreviewengine [Not available]

Wpreviewengine is review site plugin that turns your WordPress into web hosting review website. It will work with any theme. Before you get hands, see the live demo below here. Wpreviewengine which offers 30 days money back guaranteed.

WPreviewengine Demo

->                                      Live Demo                           Download Here


Myreviewplugin is another WordPress review plugin to build a better review website. This plugin author offers a three themes along with plugin for just $130. It has 45 days money back guarantee. It has more features like adding star rating in comment system, custom comment fields and many more. Check here for features about myreviewplugin

Review plugin demo

->                                               Live Demo                           Download Here


WPreviewsite is another powerful review site plugin for WordPress. The plugin author offers 60 days money back guaranteed and plugin price is $97. See the below link for live demo.

Wordpress Webhosting review plugin

->                                        Live Demo                           Download Here

Web hosting is great niche and high competition in internet. But if you grasp some of the techniques you can learn lot and implement it to your website. While writing review for web hosting keep in mind with the below tips, so these will help to get more benefits for you.

Tips for creating review Website for your Web hosting.

a)  Host your website in particular web hosting. (Try the hosting before you write review)

b) While writing review post, don’t push the features and benefits to the customers in the beginning itself. Instead tell “why you should choose this hosting?”

c)  Please, don’t IGNORE, use at least one videos.

d) Use the Authorhreview plugin, it helps to high CTR in Google SERP.

e) Also use the good theme that best suit for you, and check this here.

I hope this WordPress web hosting review plugin post helped to choose for your website, if you like do share with your twitter and Facebook friends. How you are managing your review website, share it with below in comment section.

Last Updated: June 23, 2014


one of my reader, asked me about hosting review theme for his website. So i suggested the three themes for him. Hope it will also helpful for you because you can achieve your review website with the help of these theme also rather than plugin.

1. Inreview theme –>> here


2. daily wp –>> here


3. reviewer wp theme –>> here


4. pro review theme —>> here


5. reviews theme —–>>here



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