What is WHM in Web hosting? & when will need this?

WHM is Web Host Manger used by system administration to handle hosting account on web server. All web hosting services used this WHM to manage their hosting account. For resellers it will really help to manage their client account.

In this post, I will give a glance about how this really helping in web hosting to handle multiple cpanel account within a single administration panel.

Before, we go into this post; I will give a short story about this.

I started my blogging as career at 2009, at that time I only know about cpanel. Yes, I am in shared hosting in hostgator. I thought that cpanel is only thing which helps to handle all client account, after one year when I worked with some clients on freelancer, I came to know that beyond this cpanel WHM is there. Working with clients is really a great experience, isn’t it?

Web host Manager

Let’s back to WHM….

For linux web hosting, the Cpanel and WHM both combined to give easier for web site owners. This both will really helps to handle your all reseller account in a single administration panel. WHM/vps optimized this will helps to control all your hosting services. You can easily handle networking setup, server configuration, security center and much more.

Features of WHM

Installation is very easy.

WHM can handle many Cpanel.

Reseller hosting is a good choice for your hosting companies.

Who are using WHM ?

Many internet hosting companies are using whm for their customers to handle the customers hosting.

How did you see WHM on your web hosting?

WHM is available for managed web hosting,Virtual private server, and reseller account. It’s not available for shared web hosting. If you have other than shared web hosting then probably you will see the WHM on your hosting providers.

Whm has many options to handle DNS functions, Email, Server Setup,Cpanel, Server configuration,Support,Cluster/remote access, server status,ccount information, & account functions.

When will you need this WHM?

This will be must for starting a hosting companies or reseller accounts. If you go for private server then this whm will help to handle your client account.

In upcoming post you will get an idea about, when you can switch to vps hosting? & more related post will come.

Difference between cpanel & WHM?

Watch this below video tutorial.

Now you got an idea about What is whm, do you want to see this is in real, then go ahead..

WHM Demo?

WHM demo for your hosting… here you will see all the whm options

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