Why you need reseller account in web hosting?

In Web hosting, if you are blogger or small business owners then you already familiar with shared hosting. You also need to know more about the reseller account. It’s a great experience to handle the client account in affordable price. In this post, you will learn more about the need of reseller account before to start a web hosting companies.

1. First thing first

Yes,Before to start a new Web hosting companies host your websites in shared hosting. Because you will learn more about the hosting ins and out of web hosting or other words you will get more exposure about the hosting problems.

If you use shared hosting, then you know more about the Cpanel,email setup,database and many more.

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2. WHM in Hosting

The WHM expansion about Web host manager helps to handle multiple Cpanel account. In my previous post is Shared more about the WHM and WHM demo in detail, it’s worth to check it. Learn more about WHM and then kick-start your reseller account.

3. Finally Choose Reseller account

You are damn to start web hosting companies the it’s right choice to select reseller hosting. By doing this reseller account you will get more experience and client will ask frequently about how to do solve etc..

You must need to keep in mind about, customer relation, web hosting manager, handling issues, solving customer problem via phone support or email support or live chat. Choose the best option that fits your needs.

By choosing reseller account it will help to lead you to start a web hosting companies, I will share more about in upcoming post. Post your comment in comment section.

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