Find New Reseller Hosting WordPress Theme


In web hosting industry they are numerous companies are available and start up day by day. As we are reseller, we need to concentrate on choosing the themes because it is going to help the CTR and clean design to attract the end customers. Regarding themes and design i shared a blog post recently, if you missed please check here and here.

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Generate Leads For Hosting Business

Increase leads

With web hosting, lead generation play an important role.It’s a great and a good method to bring more customers. In this post I will give few methods how to achieve these sales lead in easy way but everything in your hands. All these details will work depends upon your niche and testing.

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How To Increase Sales In Your Hosting Business

Hosting business is a great way to increase sales and it is a crowded area as of now. They are numerous web hosting business coming day-to-day and falls off soon, some of them still withstand long.

I had also saw some of the hosting business selling their website on flippa and some of them had an idea to expand their hosting business by getting existing website.

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How to get more customers for your hosting business

Nowadays, there are many webhosting companies in the world. This hosting business is the great way to earn more but it happens only due to hard work only. As a starter many of them come to this field and went away due to lack of business ideas. None of them grow as rocket science and it always only due to the lot of work experience only. Isn’t it?

Ok. Let’s come to the post title.

B2C (Business to Customers) is the webhosting. Getting loyal customers is the great income for growing the hosting company. Always there is a big hole in every niche if you try to do more home work then you really find yourself. Here I would like to share some of few points how to get web hosting clients.

Promote offline

Due to huge growth in web hosting industry they are a lot of competition in online. For eg: for the keword “WordPress hosting” it has the lot of competition but it’s difficult to achieve in top on Google.

If there is positive then there is negative.

If there is Good then there is bad.

If there is online then it must be offline.

Yes, in offline you can promote your hosting in easy way. Go for university or colleges and pick some brilliant student and explain about hosting and blogging. Due to this the students will tell to their friends and you can get more customers for your hosting.

Word of Mouth

This is very powerful method beyond the online promotion because this happens only from your relatives or friends. As I said earlier, you can also explain about hosting to the staff member then they will said their friends. By the way you can also increase your hosting clients.

Offer FREE Gift

Users always like FREE , provide some valuable Gift or eBook as Free to the customers. The Free gift is standout from crowd, so that users will do a sign up and you can convert them as paid customers. For Free gift make the landing page something with different, so that users like to opt in. see the killer landing page here and it converts more.

Last but not least

Even sometime low competition keyword works better than competitive keyword. In low competition keyword, less traffic but more conversion. In better say, you are targeting the right customers in right way.

I hope these three simple tips helps to lead your more clients to your hosting. There are many ways to get more customers. The method which you worked for you, it will may work or may not work. Everything is trial and error basis and work experience. All the best, if this post helped then do share with your Facebook and Google plus circle.

Note: I don’t have any hosting company. I am sharing my ideas here for guidelines.


10 Reason Why Google Inc Not Having ?

Hope you know is rebranding a new company called alphabet. But unfortunately it doesn’t have domain ( Even the big company have their own domain



1. It’s register by another company which is subsidiary of BMW company.

2. while you see this domain it is very short and easy to remember.

3. Computers know numbers only ( 1’s and 0’s) but human know alphabet. IP address is IP address is

4. Wants to Be a role model for having and may be would like to increase the online presence for xyz extension .

Also check the announcement here

5. short and sweet really works.

6. User-friendly to remember but hard to type


Too much CPU Power on your account? Check these

Sometimes while running Web host manager (WHM) suddenly all sites are down and it is because due too much of  CPU power.

Solution: Check your server information on WHM

Watch these video for complete solution.

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Best Chat Software For Web Hosting

Chat software is needed for customer support service. Whenever we are dealing with B2C (Business to Customers) it is mandatory and playing an important role in these customer service. They are numerous software available in internet and it will vary depend upon your CMS. Below are some of the best chat software for your concern.

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Why We Need Cdn Networks?

max cdn

Content Delivery Network is the CDN. It’s one of the great networks to increase your website with easy manner. In this post I will tell you how you can use these cdn network in your site.

Before let’s see about CDN, I will tell you one thing.

Nowadays many changes are happening in Google day to day.Page speed is one of the important factor for ranking.So we achieve these page speed in number of ways.

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Best Free and premium proxies to surf online anonymously

Proxies are very helpful many times and we can surf the internet in safety manner. Below is the free and premium anonymous web proxy to choose as good.

When will the proxy useful and why I need it?

First time when i hear these, i had these question and found useful information. I will share with these post to you.

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How to install whmcs themes [video]

This video explains about how to install the WHMCS theme or template into your web hosting.

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5 SEO issues to check with your Web hosting

SEO is still needed for any website because we need to optimize the content for
search engine.So, for optimizing the site web servers play an important role for ranking.

1. Content is First!

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